Jozi Street Names: The Old and the New

Johannesburg is a modern African city in every sense - tall skyscrapers, a complex network of freeways, a bustling metropolis of industry and commerce and a hub to which people are drawn.

Jozi's first road was created in 1889, from Ferreira's Camp to Jeppestown, down a road that today is an internationally known main street - Commissioner Street.

Some of the busiest roads in the Johannesburg CBD were recently renamed after well-known heroes of the country's struggle for liberation and to commemorate our democratic transition.

The personalities honoured through the renaming of the streets are representative of the City's demographics and all have strong historical ties with Johannesburg and its place in the transformation of South Africa.

Sauer Street has been renamed to Pixley ka Isaka Seme Street;

Bree Street has been renamed to Lilian Ngoyi Street;

Jeppe Street has been named after community activist, Rahima Moosa;

President Street is now known as Helen Joseph Street; and

Noord Street became Sophie de Bruyn Street, named after the only living leader of the Women's March.

Source: City of Johannesburg website (

Pritchard Street, Johannesburg, South Africa, c1910

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Pritchard Street, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016

Street sign, Soweto (Pic: SAT)